Importer of Memorable Wines from the New Old World of Eastern and Central Europe
Importer of Memorable Wines from the New Old World of Eastern and Central Europe

Keep, California

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Johanna Jensen
Johanna Jensen and Jack Roberts after the 2020 harvest

The People

Winemakers Jack Roberts (Matthiasson Wines Assistant Winemaker) and Johanna Jensen (formerly with Scholium Project and Broc Cellars) have come together to create wines influenced by the old world with less ripe fruit, minimal manipulation and great ageability. In the vigneron tradition, they do much of the work themselves from vineyard to bottling.

The crest on the bottle is of Beverstone Castle, an 11th century Norman stronghold in Gloucestershire, England where Jack’s father was born and raised. All that remains of Beverstone today is what you see on our label — the moat and the tall ‘keep’, (from the middle english kype, or barrel) which was the defenders' last resort in a siege. It was also where they stored their most precious possessions, especially their wine.
KeepAlbarino Lost Slough Vineyard 2017
White Wine
Lost Slough Vineyards is the first Vineyard we have ever worked with in 2009. Located next to the Sacramento River Delta, this Vineyard was once below sea level lending to a delicious briny minerality. Native Fermentation, Unfined/Unfiltered and aged in neutral oak for 18 months and then we bottle age for another 18 months before release. A perfect blend of subtle richness combined with citrus flower and honey notes.

KeepCarbonic Co-Ferment 2020
Red Wine , Organic
Merlot; Chardonnay;
From the organically farmed Sonoma Broadway Farms. For 2020 we decided to go Carbonic on the Merlot and when the vineyard owners offered us some Chardonnay we jumped at it. Perfect blend of tannin structure and vibrant fruit with the minerality of the Chardonnay coming through on the finish. Strawberry and black currant on the palate. Native yeast fermentation, unfined/ unfiltered. Neutral oak for six months.

KeepCounoise 2020
Red Wine , Organic
From the David Girard Vineyard in the Sierra Foothills, certified organically farmed. Made in the traditional carbonic method, 14 days of enzymatic fermentation and then a light foot tread to finish fermentation. This wine has no added S02 and was aged in neutral oak for 6 months before bottling. This is a delicate fruit forward wine, to be served chilled or cellar temperature. Native yeast fermentation, unfined/ unfiltered.

KeepDelta White 2020
White Wine
Grüner Veltliner; Pinot Gris; Chardonnay;
From the Lost Slough Vineyard, right next to the Sacramento River Delta, hence the name. The cooler air and loamy soil from the Delta give this wine a rare minerality not seen in most California white grapes. Stainless Steel fermented, sur lie aged for 6 months before bottling. Honeysuckle flower on the nose with a stunning stone fruit finish, river rocks on the palate. Native yeast fermentation, unfined/ unfiltered.

KeepField Blend Vanderkous Vineyard 2018
Red Wine
Merlot; Sangiovese; Cabernet Sauvignon; Syrah;
Our first release of this wine! We call this Vineyard the Volcano as it was planted on its own distinct peak (Solitude Peak) amongst the rolling Contra Costa Hills. Dick & Mary Lou Vanderkous planted this extraordinary Vineyard over 20 years ago surrounding their home estate. They decided to plant the grapes they loved to drink. The majority of the Vineyard is planted to Sangiovese and Merlot with a few rows of Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah to add some backbone to the Field Blend. Medium bodied with a subtle peppery note from the Sangiovese throughout a soft fruit mid palate.

KeepPinot Meunier 2019
Red Wine , Organic
Pinot Meunier;
0.4 g/l
5.46 g/l
From the Yount Mill Vineyard in Napa, certified organic, the Hoxley family has been farming this land for over 105 years. Our third vintage making this delicious wine. Rustic Gamay meets a fruit forward Pinot Noir. Fermented in stainless seel and aged in neutral oak for 6 months, 20% whole cluster, native yeast fermentation, unfined/ unfiltered.

KeepSyrah Kahn Vineyard 2017
Red Wine , Organic
Our sixth vintage of making wine from the Kahn Vineyard. This hillside vineyard located at the southernmost tip of the Mayacamas range which divides Napa and Sonoma Valley contains a combination of volcanic and valley floor soils giving it tremendous complexity. The cool nights and warm days give this wine perfect balance between ripeness and acid, we farm this vineyard ourselves certified organic. In 2017 we decided to try doing 100% whole cluster and doing gentle pump overs instead of the usual punch downs. Picked at 24 Brix, aged 18 months in neutral oak barrels and then bottle aged for another 18 months. Meaty minerality, bright tannins, full fruit mid palate, long finish.